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 1 Star Trek Into Darkness  -  J. J. Abrams
Best Cyber Underwear
     Well made - just to see Alice Eve as Doctor Marcus is such a standout
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 2 Eden (2013)  -  Mia Hansen-Love
Best French 90's Clubland
     Indie arthouse set in French underground clubland - just great - for clubbers to enjoy
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 3 Tangerine  -  Sean S. Baker
Best Avant Garde iPhone Movie
     Great gritty rad out there L.A. downtown doing stuff man - all filmed on iPhone 5s
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 4 Revolver (2005)  -  Guy Ritchie
Best Con Man
     Independent review - one ov the best seen - confidance trickster with a secret formula
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 5 Wes Craven's New Nightmare  -  Wes Craven
Best No-Mans Land
     Caught between script and reality film and fear manifest and the almost manifest dark
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 6 Purple Rain (1984)  -  Albert Magnoli
Best Stage Chopper
     Prince - 'The Movie' - very sweet & fun to watch and feel you've at least seen it
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