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 1 All the Money in the World  -  Ridley Scott
Best Kidnapping
     Paul Getty III was kidnapped and ransomed off - gives a look at Getty and why the name is so
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 2 Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer  -  Mike Lerner, Maxim Pozdorovkin
Best Church Service
     Performance Art at one ov it's finest moments - and the strange reaction from the Russians
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 3 Looper  -  Rian Johnson
Best Gritty Future
     Outstanding dystopian future sets - rad - and farm time with Emily
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 4 Bright Lights, Big City  -  James Bridges
Best NY Lost & Found - Maybe
     NY 80's with clubland trying to live and get by - feels unique - Michael J. Fox does great
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 5 Lost Highway  -  David Lynch
Best Trip ov The Condemned
     Wack, out there, very surrealist entertainment, philosophical dystopian hedonism
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 6 The Imitation Game  -  Morton Tyldum
Best Decoding Machine
     Historic adaption ov one ov the first calculating machines & pressure getting it to function
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