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 1 American Hustle (2013)  -  David O Russel
Best Hustle
     Gritty paced rad sly underhand great arthouse double flipper
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 2 The Great Gatsby (2013)  -  Baz Luhrmann
Best Party Guy
     Gatsby has partys and everyone goes - great cars and great sets - grand
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 3 The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)  -  Robert Wiene
Best Abstract Expressionistic Backgrounds
     One of the most influential films of the German Expressionist Movement
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 4 Last Days (2005)  -  Gus Van Sant
Best Kurt
     Last days ov Kurt Cobain in the countryside - bleak and bare - extremely good
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 5 Revolver (2005)  -  Guy Ritchie
Best Con Man
     Independent review - one ov the best seen - confidance trickster with a secret formula
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 6 Dogs In Space  -  Richard Lowenstein
Best Bohemian Layabout Musos
     Students to rock stars drugs music haywire collapse and ov course the performance
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 7 Lovelace  -  Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman
Best 'Actress'
     Amanda Seyfried is a great Linda Lovelace - historic time in the 'movie' industry
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 8 The Happening  -  M. Night Shyamalan
Best Enemy Within
     Prophecy - natural ground, global-sharing - group objection & sameness causes 'will to die'
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